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3509[NTB] Re: New Users

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  • Bill Scott
    Jan 1, 1999
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      Len wrote:

      > Hi Deb, Jody, All;
      > I seem to have left out a step. I should never do
      > anything more demanding than grunting after dinner.
      > Just in case you don't know, Jody is a guy.
      > He sometimes gets a little uptight when someone writes as
      > if he were a she. :-)
      > Jody's suggestion about the toolbar commands is good.

      Whew ..... That is really good info frae me laddie .... being in California and
      aw .. OHOH aaaa nay prrrroblem .... *||:>) ... Lucky frae me we quoted bible verse's
      frae awhile .... JoDy ... JD is one of the most helpful people on this list and the
      most prolific ...


      Bill and Margie Scott

      Border Collies @ Work

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