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3508[NTB] Re: New Users

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  • Jody
    Jan 1, 1999
      Hi Len,

      >Just in case you don't know, Jody is a guy.
      >He sometimes gets a little uptight when someone writes as
      >if he were a she. :-)

      Actually, it is just the way they hold their mouth on how I
      respond. you know me well enough by know Len that I can joke
      around with the best of them - coming and going.

      there is/was another Jody on the list. I don't think I ever
      asked if that one is a she or he and don't dare say what I
      suspect. 8D


      If you right be bak, rite reel slo',
      cuz this Hillbilly don't reed to fast!


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