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  • Larry Thomas
    Jan 1, 1999
      Hi Deb,

      At 04:38 PM 12/31/98 -0700, you wrote:
      >I bought Notetab as a text editor. I use it to write essays and then
      transfer it to a word processor for formatting. I also use it to strip
      html tags from documents I download. I have downloaded some of the
      libraries but quite honestly have no idea how to use them. I have read
      this newsgroup and still have no idea how to make the most of this
      programme. But I love it as a simple text editor and for a few of the
      >If someone could explain in words of one syllable how they utilise this
      programme I would appreciate it.

      One use that I like for NoteTab is to use search and replace to replace
      abbreviations that I make in my documents for large words or for phrases.
      I will go along typing and I might have a large word that I spell wrong all
      the time so I put in a two or three letter abbreviation for it where ever I
      want it in my document. Then when I finish, I do a Search and Replace of
      the abbreviation with the correctly spelled word. The same works for a
      phrase or a name, and so forth.


      Larry Thomas

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