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  • Kay Roath
    Jan 1, 1999
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      12/31/1998 5:38 PM Deborah Bensted wrote

      > If someone could explain in words of one syllable how they
      > utilise this programme I would appreciate it.

      Hi Deb -
      The beauty of NoteTab is that everybody is able to do their
      own stuff with it. I organize all my information in
      outlines so I can locate what I want when I want it. Do
      File|New Outline and give it a try if you haven't already.

      If you find a link in the web pages you download that you'd
      like to visit, just put your cursor inside the url and
      double click. You can set it so a single click will work
      with Quick Open Links - Tools Menu.

      If you need a word count for your essays, there's Text
      Statistics - Tools Menu.

      Len already gave an explanation on how to make clips so I
      won't go into that but you don't have to program anything to
      make use of them. If you have things you type over & over,
      you can put them in a clip and use F2. The example that
      comes to mind is Yours Truly. Name the clip yt and type in
      the text Yours Truly. When you want to insert it, type yt
      and hit F2. NoteTab will replace yt with Yours Truly. It
      works with any text you want and all you need to type is
      enough of the title to make it unique for the clip you want.
      You could name the clip YoursTruly and type yo. F2 finds
      the first match for whatever you type. F2 stops at spaces
      and punctuation when picking up the letters to use to
      locate the clip so you need to avoid those when you name
      them. It's very handy once you get used to it.

      --- Grandma Kay ---
      Introduction to NoteTab 4,5 Clip Programming

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