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3271[NTB] Re: Help with .ini

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  • Jody
    Dec 3, 1998
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      Hi Bob,

      >As I mentioned from work, the new .ini file is working fine,
      >and it will be no problem to set up new projects under the
      >manager - although as far as I know I set up only about 10 to
      >cover my various Web sites. They seem to have bred!

      Yes, they certainly were mutiplying like rabbits. :) However,
      there were no values in them. Just looking at the few I saw
      you sent my guess is that everytime you ran PM those blank
      entries were being made. Check your ini file again after awhile
      to see if more are being made. Perhaps you have a corrupted
      copy or it has a bug in it. Here is the link for ver. 2.22:

      NoteTab Project Manager 2.22

      >> LOL!!! Those are from Wayne's Project Manager. You have
      >> been busy making some projects, eh? :)

      FYI, I wasn't laughing at you or Wayne's PM, but the situation.
      I find things like that funny. I try no to take any of this
      stuff too serious, less I go mad. :-)

      c ya,
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23

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