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  • Kay Roath
    Dec 1, 1998
      01.12.1998 8:59 AM Raymond Fitzgerald wrote

      > Hi Bill,

      >>New to the list I have looked at help and I have looked through the
      >>menu's how to I turn auto line number on ???

      > Welcome! You just missed a discussion of this, but I can't find it. Anyway,
      > if you have NoteTab Pro, it's View | Line Numbers. It you've got NoteTab
      > Std, I believe you just have Modify | Lines | Number Lines (or add "Number
      > Lines" to your toolbar or shortcut menu). This is different though--it
      > inserts line numbers into the document (blank lines are not counted).

      Also, lines in NoteTab are actually screen rows and paragraphs are
      physical lines in the file so line numbers are different depending
      on whether you have word wrap on or not. You can double click the
      row/col display in the lower left corner of the info line to go
      directly to a row. Place a 'p' in front of the number (in NoteTab
      Pro) to go to a paragraph.

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