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3238[NTB] Suggestion, favorites

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  • Sami Jarvinen
    Nov 30, 1998
      The way the favorites system works is still not good.

      What's wrong with it?

      1) just try adding a directory which doesn't have any files in it ...
      2) commands are scattered across various menus/dialogs
      3) it's simply not intuitive

      My #1 complaint is that directories can't be directly added to favorites;
      you must first open a file and then select the "add path to favorites"
      command. And if the directory you wish to add doesn't contain any files ...

      Here's what I think would be the ideal structure of the Favorites menu:

      - organise favorites (1)
      - add active [document to favorites] (2)
      - add all [open documents to favorites] (2)
      + category 1 (3)
      - open all
      - close all
      - file1 (3)
      - file2 (3)
      + category 2 (3)
      - open all
      - close all
      - file3 (3)
      - file4 (3)
      + category N (3)

      (1) displays a dialog in which you can
      - add, remove and rename categories
      - add, remove and rename items in selected category
      (2) displays a dialog where you can select/create the target category
      (3) context menu contains the commands open, close, delete and rename

      Any comments are of course welcome.
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