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31Re: [notetab] ADMIN: Invitations

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  • Kay Roath
    Jul 1, 1998
      7/2/98 12:13 AM Jody Adair wrote

      >>checking in --- Grandma Kay

      JA> Since when does Granny have to check in with the kids. :)

      Since the kids keep moving......This list seems to be working
      well. I looked at the site a few days ago but moved on when it
      said you had to have cookies active to manage a list & I don't
      normally do the 'cookie' or graphics things. Bless you, Opera.

      Is anyone else having trouble with multiple instances of the
      NoteTab's even though Allow Multiple Instances is NOT checked?
      I'm not sure when it started but it's been since the beta that I
      keep getting random multiples on SNT / NTP / NTPbeta. It's
      weird. (Win95)

      --- Grandma Kay

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