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3000[NTB] Re: semicolons in clips

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  • Lawrence R. Thomas
    Nov 3, 1998
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      Hi Jody and Michael,

      At 03:36 PM 11/3/98 -0600, you wrote:
      >Hi Michael,
      >>I am trying to create a clipbook that involvs semicolons(;) in
      >>some lines, but NoteTab treats those as commented lines. I was
      >>wondering if there was a way to get it to output a semicolon?
      >I didn't try it, but I am certain that this will work:
      >^!InsertText ;

      This works:

      H="Semi Colons"
      ^!inserttext ;
      this is a ; test^%nl%

      Every time you click it, you get a new line:

      ;this is a ; test

      H="Semi Colons"
      this is a ; test
      [followed by a <cr> which you cannot see]

      Prints to the current document this is a ; test

      If you place a semicolon at the very beginning of the line, the whole line
      is remmed out and does not execute.


      Larry Thomas

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