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2983[NTB] Re: New products from Fookes Software...

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  • R.S.
    Nov 2 1:01 PM
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      Hi Eric and Wren,

      At 11:20 AM 11/01/98 -0500, you wrote:

      Wren wrote:

      >The pictures are beautiful. I'll be curious to hear what
      >kind of a market there is for these. I wouldn't pay for one
      >in its current form, but I admit I'm not a screen saver kind
      >of person (ever since the advent of energy saving monitors I
      >usually just turn off my monitor without ever going to a
      >screen saver first.)

      The pictures are fantastic, I agree with Wren. I was really impressed.

      As for the market, I think there are many people using screen savers and
      many who are willing to pay for it. To my utter amazement I've actually
      seen people coming into a computer store and ASKING (!) for screen savers.
      Several times. --- As Wren, I would like to know about your success, which
      I wish you have, in this enterprise.

      I personally don't use screen savers, I find them distracting and
      irritating. Last one I tried was the Maccaroni screen saver from Risoft,
      which was really cute; but, after a while, I was climbing up the walls!
      Long ago I settled for the blank screen saver, which has become my all time
      favorite. Besides, with an energy saving monitor, there's no material need
      for a screen saver. --- But the fact is that, anyway, most people USE
      screen savers, so don't loose hope! And, again, your photographs are really


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