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2974[NTB] Re: New products from Fookes Software...

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  • Wren McMains
    Nov 1, 1998
      Hi Eric,

      The pictures are beautiful. I'll be curious to hear what
      kind of a market there is for these. I wouldn't pay for one
      in its current form, but I admit I'm not a screen saver kind
      of person (ever since the advent of energy saving monitors I
      usually just turn off my monitor without ever going to a
      screen saver first.)

      The free ones are fine, the advertising is not too obnoxious.

      As you say they display VERY well at high-res on a 21"
      monitor--so nice I wanted to use some as backgrounds, but
      you seem to make that impossible ;-) After finding that, I
      wasn't even willing to take the time to download a second --
      I went for CH first, one of my favorite countries (been far
      to long since my last visit.)

      Any chance of posting a seasonal .jpg of the month on one of
      your pages that would work well as a background -- I really
      like your photography.

      Best of Luck,


      >There is one detail I haven't seen mentioned yet.
      >It is: http://www.stardustsoftware.com/sstoolkit/

      I checked out one of the free ones from someone claiming to
      be in the photography business -- the quality of Eric's is
      SO much better. (A good camera, lens and scanner still
      gives better quality than the digital cameras.)
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