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2614[NTB] Re: NoteTab.hlp/NoteTab.gid info

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  • Wren McMains
    Oct 3, 1998
      Hi Sean,

      > You can make a thousand page theory on gravity. I can say: drop a rock
      > and it falls to the ground. In other words, no need to make it more
      > complicated than it needs to be. I was just saying ...

      Please don't waste gravity dropping rocks on .gid files.
      Top scientists agree that with the present rate of consumption, the
      earth's supply of gravity will be exhausted before the 24th century.
      As man struggles to discover cheaper alternatives, we need your help.


      Follow these simple suggestions:

      (1) Walk with a light step. Carry helium balloons if possible.
      (2) Use tape, magnets, or glue instead of paperweights.
      (3) Give up skiing and skydiving for more horizontal sports like
      (4) Avoid showers .. take baths instead.
      (5) Don't hang all your clothes in the closet ... Keep them in one big
      (6) Stop flipping pancakes


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