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2612[NTB] Re: NoteTab.hlp/NoteTab.gid info

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  • Baba Baba Baba Booey
    Oct 3, 1998
      On Fri, 02 Oct 1998 19:57:38 -0700, mjlohj@... babbled about
      [NTB] Re: NoteTab.hlp/NoteTab.gid info proclaiming:

      >Hint 1. The message was posted by me, Len.

      So Eric tells me.

      >Hint 2. The double >> (>>> in your reply) are also mine.

      So Eric tells me.

      >Hint 3. The message documents actual test results.

      You can make a thousand page theory on gravity. I can say: drop a rock
      and it falls to the ground. In other words, no need to make it more
      complicated than it needs to be. I was just saying the .gid files are
      generated by the current help file and do not need to be copied
      anywhere as the help file will just create it again. They can be
      deleted, why copy them? That's all. The fact that they're generally
      small is irrelevant. If your results differed then the help file must
      have been corrupt.

      >Hint 4. Shouldn't you run your own tests and offer alternate
      >explanations and recommendations before you reject the offered
      >conclusions and recommended actions ?

      Been there done that. I was making a suggestion, I didn't mean to make
      it into an argument. The NoteTab forum has been very beneficial to me,
      and perhaps all the readers, so I do not wish to turn it into a flame
      fest. Copying the .gid files won't hurt anyone - do as you wish - I
      was just pointing out that there is no need to. Either way, it's



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