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2602[NTB] Re: Favorites

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  • Jody Adair
    Oct 2, 1998
      Hi Sami,

      >The "categories" would be subdirectories in the Favorites directory.
      >These directories would contain shortcuts (!) to the documents contained
      >in the category. The Favorites menu would contain submenus for each
      >category (directory), and these submenus would show the documents in the
      >category (shortcuts in the directory).

      I would think that a pull down list with multiple pull down
      lists from each of them would be nice like some Windows
      programs have and the browsers.

      Have you tried making a Favorites directory called say "Directory?" :)

      Directory (Category)
      :Category 1 (Points to Category 1)
      :Category 2 (Points to Category 2)
      :Category 3 (Points to Category 3)

      Those point to other Favorites, or Categories I believe is
      the correct term. The colon tells NoteTab to look for that

      Then in each of your Categories you have the files you want
      to open which can be a whole folder (Path\*.*), file type(s)
      (Path\*.*htm*), group of files, or another file type(s).


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