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2600[NTB] Re: Favorites

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Oct 2, 1998
      Hi R.S.,

      >And this is the real advantage of accessing the Categories as submenus:
      >that you don't need to switch Categories.
      >PLEASE, do not include an undesired auto-switch in it!

      I think the preference is very personal. I'm sure many user would actually
      want the auto-switch, and many others would agree with you. I could always
      add another option in NoteTab, but so many people are already complaining
      that there are too many options... It's impossible to please everybody :-(

      BTW, have you tried your QuickSort program with the latest pre-release
      update? Is it faster now?


      Eric G.V. Fookes <fookes@...>
      Author of the award-winning NoteTab 4.5 text editors for Windows
      http://www.notetab.com/ or http://www.notetab.ch/
      NoteTab Pro is a winner of the 1998 PC Magazine Shareware Awards
      and the 1998 People's Choice Award


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