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  • mjlohj@hughes.net
    Oct 2, 1998
      Hi Sami;

      Your comments are of interest since I am looking at methods to
      organize groups of files. Does the following text diagram
      describe what you have in mind?

      Favorites (selected)

      Catagory 1
      Catagory 2-----File a (Catagory 2 selected, typical)
      Catagory 3 File b
      Catagory 4 File c-----Open (File c selected, typical)
      etc. File d Cut
      etc. Copy
      Add Delete

      If I understand correctly,
      Favorites would correlate to a directory.
      Each catagory would correlate to a folder in the directory.
      Each folder would contain the files showen in that sub-menu.

      Comments welcome, Len

      At 09:57 PM 10/2/98 +0200, you wrote:
      * As I mentioned earlier (NoteTab advanced list), the way NoteTab's
      * Favorites menu works is less than ideal.
      * Instead of going into details about the downsides of the current
      * implementation, I'll describe an alternative which I think might
      * be better.
      * Any suggestions, comments and criticism is very much appreciated.

      * The "categories" would be subdirectories in the Favorites
      * directory.
      * These directories would contain shortcuts (!) to the documents
      * contained in the category.
      * The Favorites menu would contain submenus for each category
      * (directory),
      * and these submenus would show the documents in the category
      * (shortcuts in the directory).
      * The submenus would also contain the following commands:
      * open all documents,
      * close all documents.
      * Clicking on a document in a category listing would of course open
      * that file.
      * The categories and files on the menu would also have a popup menu
      * (activated by RMB) with the following commands:
      * open, cut, copy, delete.

      * The popup menu of the file tabs would contain these commands:
      * add document to favorites,
      * add all documents to favorites.
      * When these commands are selected, a new dialog would be presented
      * where the destination category can be selected.


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