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  • Nicole Simon
    Oct 1, 1998
      Richard Bergman wrote:
      > Yes, at least for the coming 3 months.

      OK, it's worth doing it ;)

      > For some reasons I don't understand the hard returns disappeared. It has to
      > be:


      > I can export the information with a declaration, for example:
      > Organisatie: Prinsengracht Ziekenhuis
      > Straat: Prinsengracht 769
      > Postcode: 1017 JZ
      > Plaats: AMSTERDAM
      > Tel.: 020 5999111
      > Fax:

      I asume it's always five lines?

      > I can asure it for 99% :-(
      > The name is only because a file has to have a name, so number them through
      > is a acceptable alternative.

      ok, then perhaps you can find a better solution - perhaps you can think
      about it.

      > I don't know awk. Can this programme work under Windows 95?

      jap. it's not in notetab but it can generate html files without a problem
      ;o) you can do it in notetab, but i would think, it's easier in awk.

      my suggestion would be:
      please do the following...
      - you have to be sure you always have 5 lines
      (in case you have a unique customernumber with
      less than 9 digits, we can use this as filename.
      in this case it would be 6 lines)

      - make a clean example htmlresultfile
      - use <content of line 1> etc as placeholder

      and i'll write you the script and give it
      as example to the list. don't be afraid, it's easy ;o)

      (i will be back in office on monday)

      ».. it HAS changed my life. As long as my wife (also a Pilot user) writes
      down something in my datebook I don't forget it! Im such a good husband!«
      »It's changed my life too - I write To Dos in my husband's Palm 3. I can't
      wait to upgrade so I can beam them to him instead!« D. Reed / A. Purvis


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