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  • Nicole Simon
    Oct 1, 1998
      Claes Gauffin wrote:
      > Could someone explain the workings of the Tools/Expand Text command? With a
      > little example too, pretty please?

      It works together with the clipbook.
      Let's asume, you have an clipbookentry called tia and if you doubleclick
      it, it will insert the text 'thanks in advance'.

      when this clb is activated, and you are in the txt, you can just type
      tia + <f2>

      and the clip will be executed -> the text will be pasted into the document.

      I do use it in my 'generate mail' clip. This generates from the text a mail
      which can be send with postie, a commandline mailer. at the end of the
      clip, the word SendMail is inserted and selected. I can take a quick look
      at the mail and if it's ok (most of the time) I just press F2 - and the
      clip SendMail will be executet.

      If you work more with the clipbooks, you can access them fast by alt+1 till
      alt+0 - I know a special kombination is alt+4 plus typing gre plus f2 -
      it's the only clipentry starting with gre, a fast way to execute such
      things :)

      [There is a weekly newsletter from Kay which has a good description on 'how
      to access the clipbooks fast']

      > Another question, which is more like confirming a suspicion: There does not
      > seem to be any "Show invisible characters" option. Is this so? Are there
      > anyone else but me that occasionally finds such a feature useful?

      Yes. Yes. Yes.

      [No, I didn't say I want regexp! ;o)]


      ».. it HAS changed my life. As long as my wife (also a Pilot user) writes
      down something in my datebook I don't forget it! Im such a good husband!«
      »It's changed my life too - I write To Dos in my husband's Palm 3. I can't
      wait to upgrade so I can beam them to him instead!« D. Reed / A. Purvis


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