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2555[NTB] Re: Help making clip

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  • Nicole Simon
    Oct 1 12:46 AM
      Richard Bergman wrote:
      > I'm not realy familiar with programming generaly and making clips
      > specially. So

      Hi Richard, this may be a good part for an awk-Script.

      > I take this opportunity to ask for help with a task I have to fulfil. I have a

      Is this a regular task?

      > textfile with (143) blocks of 5 lines text, as the example mentioned
      > underneath
      > : Prinsengracht Ziekenhuis Prinsengracht 769 1017 JZ AMSTERDAM Tel.: 020
      > 5999111 Fax:

      Big Problem with this: What is the Name? What is the Street? What is the
      City? OK, you know it because when you look at it you do know what which
      part is. But you cant give an algorithm - or is it always 2 words for the
      company, one word and a figure - you get it. Do you have the posibility to
      export these information in a more suitable way?

      What do you mean by
      > the first
      > line as a
      > ..


      > Then the file has to be saved with the 8 first characters of the content of
      > the

      hm - can you asure that there is no other prinseng?
      or better - what do you need this name for, why not number them through?

      with awk we could generate a lookup-html-file at the same time.

      perhaps you can give us a more detailed description of what to? :o)


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