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23330Re: Typing in Notetab

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    Jun 8, 2014
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      This used to be a random problem for me while using earlier versions
      of NoteTab Light than the current 7 ones. For me it happened perhaps
      once every few days, and in random text files out of the 100 plus
      files I regularly use NoteTab to edit.

      In that period when this problem would sometimes arise, while NoteTab
      was behaving normally I saved any text file often, after any
      significant amount of work.

      When the weird typing anomaly you described suddenly happened, I would
      close the affected file without saving. (I kept NoteTab open.) Upon
      reopening that file, everything would work normally again.

      Since using NoteTab 7.01 Light I have not seen this oddity.

      Steve in Thunder Bay, Ontario

      On Sat Jun 7, 2014 niaouli@... womangirl_us wrote:
      "When I type in notetab sometimes it types over another totally
      unrelated line somewhere down further in the document, overwriting
      what was there. Same with backspacing sometimes it will do it to the
      wrong line.
      Any idea what might be causing this ?"
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