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23328Re: [NTB] "NoteTabPro v7.1/fv" Utilities Clipbar Button Popback

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  • loro
    May 19, 2014
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      noffkehw@... [notetab] wrote:

      >I use the NoteTab Utilities Clipbar on Windows 7x64. The Calculator
      >button does not work, so I check on "Remove Button" and it is
      >gone. However, the next time I open my NoteTab it is back (button
      >popback), and I have to remove it again to display the button list
      >on one line, which is what I want.
      >How do I fix this? Do I have to delete the underlying text for the
      >Calculator button to avoid more button popbacks?

      When you've made changes to the clipbar you need to use the Save
      Clipbar command (also on the context menu). If you have made more
      advanced changes you can then use Reload Clipbar and any changes
      should be immediately visible and working.

      But you should be prompted to save changes to the clipbar when you
      close Notetab. Maybe there's an option to turn that off now as there
      is for the Clipbook. I don't have the latest version installed so I
      can't check, but look around in options.

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