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23307Re: [NTB] Issues with NTP installation routine

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Mar 12, 2014
      Interviewed by CNN on 12/03/2014 15:03, mycroftj@... told the world:
      > Does anyone besides myself have a problem with the installation
      > routine? I just bumped into my second problem with it.
      > I use the /USER and /INI options on the command line. These options
      > must be set in windows after installation and associated with all
      > extensions that cause NT to automatically open when those file types
      > are clicked such as txt, otl, ini, etc.
      > Everything works fine until NT is reinstalled for some reason. This
      > could be for an update or to install on a flash drive. When
      > reinstalled, the command line options for txt (and maybe others) are
      > lost so that I have to manually reenter the /USER and /INI parameters.
      > Worse is that I just installed NT on a flash drive and this reset my
      > file associates not only as mentioned above, but pointed to drive K
      > (my flash drive). Now, when I click a txt file, nothing happens since
      > the flash drive has been removed and K:\notetab\notepro.exe does not
      > exist. I had to reset the txt file associations on my PC back to where
      > NT resides on drive C. This was surprisingly difficult since the "Open
      > With" dialog did NOT work. (I selected NT on my C drive and the
      > selection simply did not "take". I use Windows 7). I had to use a 3rd
      > party program to change the settings.
      > If there is a way around this I would like to know. Otherwise, it is
      > something to watch out for since NT will seem to stop working or work
      > incorrectly in some cases. Or is it an issue that should be addressed?
      I wouldn't (and I didn't) run the installer to put a copy of Notetab in
      a flash drive, _exactly_ because I _don't_ want it modifying the Windows
      configurations. Instead, when I want to have Notetab on a flash drive, I
      simply copy the Notetab folder from the "Program Files" folder. Then, I
      drop to command-line and run Notetab from the flash drive with the /USB
      switch -- once. That makes the necessary changes to the notepro.ini so
      NT now works in "portable mode."

      I imagine you are using the /USER and /INI switches to force Notetab to
      use a different profile folder. Personally, other than for portable use,
      I didn't find any particular advantage in doing so in my regular Windows
      desktop -- I'm one of the few voices here who applauded moving user
      preferences from the program folder to %APPDATA% -- but everybody's
      needs are different, I guess.


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