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23305Issues with NTP installation routine

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  • mycroftj
    Mar 12, 2014
      Does anyone besides myself have a problem with the installation routine? I just bumped into my second problem with it.

      I use the /USER and /INI options on the command line. These options must be set in windows after installation and associated with all extensions that cause NT to automatically open when those file types are clicked such as txt, otl, ini, etc.

      Everything works fine until NT is reinstalled for some reason. This could be for an update or to install on a flash drive. When reinstalled, the command line options for txt (and maybe others) are lost so that I have to manually reenter the /USER and /INI parameters.

      Worse is that I just installed NT on a flash drive and this reset my file associates not only as mentioned above, but pointed to drive K (my flash drive).  Now, when I click a txt file, nothing happens since the flash drive has been removed and K:\notetab\notepro.exe does not exist. I had to reset the txt file associations on my PC back to where NT resides on drive C. This was surprisingly difficult since the "Open With" dialog did NOT work. (I selected NT on my C drive and the selection simply did not "take". I use Windows 7). I had to use a 3rd party program to change the settings.

      If there is a way around this I would like to know. Otherwise, it is something to watch out for since NT will seem to stop working or work incorrectly in some cases. Or is it an issue that should be addressed?


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