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23247Re: [NTB] NoteTab as information manager?

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  • loro
    Nov 25, 2013
      Hi Adrien,

      Adrien Verlee wrote:
      >IfI would chooseOutline ofNoteTab, is itpossible that thedate and
      >source/linkof informationisautomaticallyincludedinthe note?

      Why don't you start with getting a space bar? :-P

      Sorry! Couldn't resist!

      There is a way with ordinary text files, but AFAIK it doesn't work
      with outlines. See the topic Keep a Log in Help. It's next last under
      How To. The problem with this though is that the date stamp is
      inserted when the file is opened, so you need to close it before you
      make your next entry. If you still want to use this log feature you
      can combine outline and text files by linking to the text files from
      an outline. That's actually a good way to add an additional layer to
      outlines. All about how to to that is in the somewhat hidden file
      called ReadMe.otl. On my computer it's in the same directory as
      Notepro.exe. I keep my settings in the ini file, I don't know if that
      affects where the ReadMe and Help files are.

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