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23245Re: [NTB] NoteTab as information manager?

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  • Bob Gorman
    Nov 25, 2013
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      On 11/25/2013 6:57 AM, Adrien Verlee wrote:

      I thinkstarting withthe use ofan informationmanager.Theoutlinefeature
      inNoteTabcan be used(in my caseonlytext),I gather.
      Thereare, of course, specific programmes for,such as: AllMyNotes
      Organizer or Inforecall

      There areexperiencesofusers here,bad and goodexperiences?

      IfI would chooseOutline ofNoteTab, is itpossible that thedate and
      source/linkof informationisautomaticallyincludedinthe note?

      I use Note Tabs Outlines for many things.
      A trick I use to extend their usefulness, is to indent, implying, hierarchy, right in the topic Heading. Example:



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      Knowledge + Confidence enables Action.
      Vision + Action = Leadership!
      - Bob Gorman
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