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23224Re: [NTB] Where find Favorites File in 6.2?

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Oct 27, 2013
      Interviewed by CNN on 27/10/2013 23:15, naturedoc@... told the
      > BTW, I AM looking into the program you cited. I LOVED Google Desktop
      > Search in its early iterations before it started crashing all the
      > time. (And it has long been withdrawn and unsupported now by Google.
      > Windows Search is not even a contender in comparison. And Copernic
      > Desktop Search just doesn't deliver the results the way I like them.)
      Everything (and a similar program called Ultrasearch if I'm not
      mistaken) search only for file names, not content. So very different
      animals from Google Desktop, Copernic and even Windows Search. The trick
      is that they directly access the Master File Table, the central database
      where Windows stores all file info, so they are amazingly fast and,
      well, go around things like "folders which you are not supposed to be
      able to open." Therefore they need to operate with admin privileges,
      which could be a security risk under some circumstances (mind you, I
      love Everything; but it's not for everyone)

      As for Copernic, they recently released a new version (4.0) with
      significant UI changes. Maybe you will find it more to your liking than
      the version you tried before. I'm still ambivalent about it.


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