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23223RE: RE: [NTB] Where find Favorites File in 6.2?

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  • ken_winston_caine_author
    Oct 27, 2013
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      Appreciate that, John, but somebody here must know the exact path to the file so that all I have to do is grab that rather than load another cpu- intensive program onto my poor little netbook.

      BTW, I AM looking into the program you cited. I LOVED Google Desktop Search in its early iterations before it started crashing all the time. (And it has long been withdrawn and unsupported now by Google. Windows Search is not even a contender in comparison. And Copernic Desktop Search just doesn't deliver the results the way I like them.)  

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      Download and install 'everything'. Give it a chance to index your computer, then you can search for anything and get the results instantly. Read about it here, and download from here.


      You'll want to search for .fvr, and it will show you every instance, on every drive, immediately.


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      Am running Notetab Pro v. 6.2. (Have been using Notetab since 1998.)


      Am moving it to a new computer and have an extensive favorites file that I want to move. Can't find it. Searched for Favorites.fvr on my C drive using Windows Search and it only finds references to files from previous moves doesn't find a current one. Don't see any sign of it in the NotetabPro program folder.


      Can anyone point me to the path for the favorites file?


      Thank you,



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