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23213Can't get word wrap to function when pasting

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  • zidgotama
    Oct 17, 2013
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      Hi, on previous versions of Notetab light I was able to paste large amounts of text into a newly created or old document that had word wrap set from the creation of the document, I've set it to 70 chars or 72 - but on this latest version everytime I try to paste  anything into the document the text is not word wrapped and large amounts of text just goes into one endless line that passes out over the screen border.

      I have to manually either split lines or close and reopen the document for every body of text that I paste into the document to get the program to wordwrap it.
      is it me or is this somehting other people experience too?

      Thanks for a really excellent notepad that I've been using since around 1996.
      It's still the very best I've come across.

      All the best from Norway
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