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23190RE: [NTB] How to invoke Favorites

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  • Werner Hiltpold
    Sep 21, 2013

      Hello Marcelo,


      Thank you much for the quick reply and the excellent and easy to follow advices.  Now, my NoteTab works again like a charm.

      Cheers, a grateful Werner



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      Interviewed by CNN on 20/09/2013 08:17, werner.hiltpold@... told
      the world:

      > I just purchased a new computer Win-7 Professional (64 bits) to
      > replace my aging XP. Naturally, I first installed virus protection
      > and thereafter NoteTab-7 (my favorite editor since the days of the
      > unforgettable Jodie Adair who was running the Fookes helpdesk). I am
      > 83 years young and depend a lot on the most helpful FAVORITES, but I
      > completely forgot how to properly install this feature.
      > In the folder "program files / notetab 7" of the new PC I added
      > folder "favorites" that I had copied from the old XT-PC. Of
      > this didn't work how I had expected.
      > So, after some hesitation I am coming to you gurus for help. What is
      > the missing link that I have overlooked? Many thanks in advance for
      > your replies.

      In a brand-new installation of Notetab (as opposed to installing over an
      older version, which is probably what you had on the XP machine), the
      user data for Notetab will be located inside the user profile (a
      subfolder of the C:\Users\ folder) instead of under the Program Files

      The easiest way to find it is by typing %appdata% on the address bar of
      your Windows Explorer. That will take you directly to
      C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Roaming\. You can then easily find the
      Notetab data folder. Copy your Favorites folder that and it should work.

      Of course, you should also be aware that the links inside the Favorites
      folder point to files which might not be exactly in the same places as
      in your old computer. For instance, anything in the My Documents folder
      of your old machine would be addressed as "C:\Documents and
      Settings\<username>\My Documents" (with some variation depending on
      system language), while on the new machine it would be under
      "C:\Users\Documents" (always in English). So that would explain what's
      happening if you see the links but they don't work.

      Fortunately, the .fvr files are plain text files, so you can edit them
      easily to fix the matter of changing paths.


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