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23186RE: [Bulk] [NTB] Latest Update lost notepro.ini file

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  • John Wallace
    Sep 6, 2013
      The Notetab help file tells you where the ini file is located.
      It is where it was said to be at - C:\Users\SEAN\AppData\Roaming\NoteTab Pro
      (SEAN would be different for the users own name on their computer)
      Mine is 6.x version, though.
      I had to find it to see where the files for the Quick List was written.

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      Subject: Re: [Bulk] [NTB] Latest Update lost notepro.ini file


      > C:\Users\SEAN\AppData\Roaming\NoteTab Pro

      >This is the recommended location for user settings for user SEAN. I
      >suggest you
      leave it alone, so SEAN has his own settings file, separate
      >from the one for "Administrator."

      Okay. I guess I agree since I did a “poll” for news and notepro.ini saves the last time this is performed.  I found the timestamp on the file to be unreliable, even when editing it.

      But that detail was what confirmed the above location.  I wish it wasn’t so confusing – but it’s not the first .ini file that went missing.


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