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23178Re: [NTB] Text File Problem after Upload to Website

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  • Art Kocsis
    Sep 4 10:23 PM
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      At 9/4/2013 02:03 PM, Alex wrote:
      >Op woensdag 4 september 2013 20:17 schreef S or J:
      >> After upload to my website, that same text file can be viewed there
      >> within a visitor's browser, with all line breaks present.
      >> If I download that same text file, and look at it in NoteTab, the
      >> line breaks are still fine.
      >> But if I, or anyone, downloads that file and tries to look at it in
      >> Microsoft Notepad, the line breaks are gone and it is a jumbled mess.
      >You didn't explain how you uploaded the file, but some ftp programs convert text files to Linux format, in which the line breaks consist of a line feed only instead of a carriage return plus line feed. But usually you can let it treat all file types as binary, which means no conversion is done.

      Most browsers, if not all, correctly display any combinations of line terminators in text files.

      Windows Notepad does NOT acknowledge any line terminator format except the CRLF pair.

      Straight downloads of text files do not modify line termination in text files which says the file on the server does not contain CRLF line terminators.

      First make sure you are actually creating files with windows (CRLF) line terminators. Check your NTB settings (View | Options| Documents). If you are paranoid, look at your file with a hex viewer and verify the x0D, x0A pair.

      If the CRLF terminators exist in your local copy then as Alex says, the problem is in the transmission.

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