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23171Text File Problem after Upload to Website

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    Sep 4, 2013
      Hi Folks
      This is not an html problem, rather a problem with simple text files created with NoteTab Light 7.01 -- although I suspect the problem would exist with text files created by other versions of the program.
      I create simple text files in NoteTab with Default encoding and upload them to my site Machining and Metalworking at Home
      Before the upload, they are also tested with Microsoft Notepad and appear fine, with all line breaks in place.
      After upload to my website, that same text file can be viewed there within a visitor's browser, with all line breaks present.
      If I download that same text file, and look at it in NoteTab, the line breaks are still fine.
      But if I, or anyone, downloads that file and tries to look at it in Microsoft Notepad, the line breaks are gone and it is a jumbled mess.
      Never noticed this before as I assumed that a text file, created in NoteTab and tested okay in Notepad, would still be okay after an upload and then a download.
      Any ideas how the problem arises, and how the NoteTab file can be fixed before uploading so that Notepad users can save and use these files from the website? Is Notepad's Default encoding to blame?
      Very perplexing ...  want to continue using NoteTab but will have to consider an alternative if this problem is not fixable.
      Yes I know I could tell everyone to use NoteTab (and frequently do) but many visitors simply will not do so.
      Steve in Thunder Bay, Ontario
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