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  • Art Kocsis
    Aug 7, 2013
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      At 8/6/2013 12:28 PM, Lotta wrote:
      >John Shotsky wrote:
      >>And html should not be in caps.
      >Why not if the OP likes it? It can be camel case if that's what's
      >preferred. XHTML can't, but HTML (including HTML5) can.
      >Sidenote: Now I write everything in lower case. But I started out
      >writing element names in upper and attributes in lower case because I
      >thought it was clearer. I still think it is, but it's faster to type
      >all lower case.
      >Regarding the link problem, while the space shouldn't be there, all
      >(fairly modern) browsers I have mend that mistake, but I don't have
      >an IE newer than 7, so maybe that's it.

      Actually, I would go a few steps further: I think any language designer that makes variables or keywords case sensitive ought to be burned in hell! SLOWLY!

      I can only guess at the untold man hours lost or bugs caused by unmatched cases in names. And it is totally unnecessary. One can make over 2 BILLION unique 6 character words using only 36 characters. That ought to be enough even for bloatware artists.

      Also, like you, I tend to write my HTML tags in upper case so they will stand out from the other attributes and javascript. Every little bit helps to clarify the structure and to separate code from content, especially when the content of Javascript is HTML code.

      While technically the W3C specs calls for encoding spaces and other special characters used in a link, I know of no common or modern browser that would even burp on them - not even IE.

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