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23117RE: [NTB] Unlocking files on vr 6.1 pro

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  • John Shotsky
    Jul 23 3:43 PM
      I guess my attempt at dry humor escaped you. I thought maybe this group had become the operating system tech support group, thus my
      question. Mebbe it is still a text editor group, and operating system questions should be directed elsewhere.

      In any event, a statement like 'it doesn't work' is never going to get a satisfactory result, unless you want the result to be 'it
      depends'. It depends on what operating system you are running, what you have already tried, in detail, and at the very least, 'I
      have searched for an answer on Google', and still can't solve this problem. The original problem is not, of course, a NoteTab
      problem, so why ask here? The answer is one of the most basic functions of Windows itself, and that's how it should be approached.

      And my webcam problem isn't as simple as it seems either - it is streamed to my web page automatically, and that is what is not
      working. I can start it manually, but it doesn't start by itself. Of course, since I left those details out, I could never get the
      correct response unless people asked me questions. That's the point - ask half an off-topic question and get half an off-topic
      answer that is wrong.

      For every 'How do you' question people have, the very, very first action should be to plug those words into Google. Why directly ask
      several hundred people an off topic question, when the answer is there for you to find, if ONLY you would first LOOK FOR IT.

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      GDay John,

      If you have a viewer program that is used to monitor the webcam, then
      simply place the viewer program's shortcut into Start/Programs/Startup,
      the viewer will then be started every time you reboot and that should
      activate your webcam.

      You can set the shortcut to minimise it's window when the program starts
      if you wish.

      Otherwise, a 'service' should not be necessary as the webcam should be
      available as soon as it's driver is initialised (that usually happens
      before the desktop is opened at boot time).


      Andy M

      John Shotsky wrote:
      > I have been trying to get my webcam to start automatically as a service when I reboot. Any help would be appreciated.
      > Regards,
      > John

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