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23095Re: [NTB] Re: wish to intall Note Tab light on USB. do not have admin password / only PC user

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  • Al Guevara
    Jul 8, 2013


      On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Marcelo Bastos <bytext@...>wrote:

      > **
      > Interviewed by CNN on 08/07/2013 11:16, Eb told the world:
      > > Sorry, I doubt you will find an editor or any other kind of executable,
      > that would install as you want.
      > >
      > > Running NoteTab, or any other executable from a USB drive poses a
      > serious security threat, so it would require administrative access each
      > time you launch the executable.
      > Eb, sorry but you are very, very wrong. Windows in its default settings
      > (even in corporate domains) does not require administrative permissions
      > to run executables. It might be possible to lock it up to that extent,
      > but it would take a lot of effort from the admins, and it probably would
      > have unforeseen side-effects.
      > Not only it's possible to run executable from the USB, but there are
      > whole application suites set up to do that. Look up Portable Apps at
      > http://www.portableapps.com , for instance Not only do they have about
      > half a dozen different plaintext/programming editors (similar to
      > Notetab) available, but there's even *an entire office suite* -- yes, a
      > version of LibreOffice, with word processor, spreadsheet, presentation,
      > the works. The real trick is not running the program; it's doing so
      > while only writing config info into local (that is, inside the USB
      > drive) files, so the settings will move with the program and leave no
      > trace behind. (Another good place to look at is the Portable Freeware
      > Collection at http://www.portablefreeware.com )
      > Notetab does not have its own PortableApps-style installer, but it has
      > been possible for years to run it from an USB drive. It used to be that
      > you had to run it *once* with a special command-line switch to set it up
      > correctly (I believe it was /USB), but I think I remember something from
      > later Release Notes that the process was made even easier. I don't
      > really remember the details, though.
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