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23084RE: [NTB] when is the new update expected?

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  • Ugly Sean
    Jun 21, 2013
      Of course, to some of us 7.1 IS a new update. I've used NoteTab since
      version 4.00 and every whole number increment (except version 6) I had to
      pay to upgrade. I don't mind; I expect it. But I couldn't swing it this time
      until last week.

      So I'm generally pleased with it as I've been using version 6.2 for. a long
      time now.

      And I was able to download all the Clipbook files from
      http://www.notetab.com/clipbooks/ so I am pretty well up to date.

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      >I have notetab pro 7.1

      >and I used to get updates often or not waited as long as between the last
      one and now

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