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23053Re: [NTB] Search and replace clip help

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    May 16, 2013
      Interviewed by CNN on 16/05/2013 06:34, plhpr told the world:
      > Silly but I cannot find out in the help section how to search and replace this simple sequence in quotes below
      > ' b\' ie space b backslash
      > into a simple '\' backslash.
      > I understand that space is represented as '\s' but '\sb\' as a search does not seem to find it.
      Well, \s only represents a space (any whitespace character, actually,
      not just regular spaces) if you are using regular expressions.

      But then, if you are using regular expressions, you probably should
      escape the backslash itself. Like this: "\sb\\"

      I don't see any particular reason for using regular expressions in this
      case, however. You might try just the normal replace, using " b\" as
      search parameter.


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