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23048Re: [NTB] Copied Clip Command won't work

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  • Bob McAllister
    May 9, 2013
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      Scroll to the bottom of the Utilities library and you will see a "greyed"

      ^!Set %Word%=^$GetSelection$
      ^!IfEmpty "^%Word%" Next ELSE Start
      ^!Set %Word%=^$GetWord(True)$
      ^!IfEmpty "^%Word%" Next ELSE Start
      ^!Set %Word%=^?{Type a word}

      ^!Set %Word%=^$StrReplace(" ";"^%SpaceSubstChar%";"^%Word%";AI)$
      ^!URL ^&^%Word%

      This is called by the clip you have copied. It needs to be part of the same
      library or the calling clip cannot function.

      Bob McAllister

      On 9 May 2013 21:14, plhpr <ph@...> wrote:

      > I have copied this clip below and all the others under 'research' in the
      > _Utilities library into a library I have made, in my library it and none of
      > the others will work. They just give the 'windows fail' squawk/bong, yet of
      > course they work under _Utilities. Have rummaged to no avail, can anyone
      > help? Thanks.
      > Check in Oxford Dictionary
      > ;Unfortunately the Oxford Dictionary is very sensitive to word spelling
      > and character case
      > ^!Set %SpaceSubstChar%=%2B
      > ^!Clip "ResourceForWord" http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/
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