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23019Re: [NTB] Solarized colors in NoteTab

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Apr 8, 2013
      Interviewed by CNN on 27/03/2013 14:12, Bobodod told the world:
      > Has anyone tried getting the Solarized color scheme set up in NoteTab? Is there an easy way to do it and then replicate it across installations?
      Well, you can do it by editing the Notetab.ini / Notepro.ini directly.
      However, you can't do it directly from inside Notetab itself. One way is
      to work with a copy and then replace it with Notetab closed. Another is
      to use a different text editor (like Windows Notepad) to do the editing
      (with Notetab closed also).

      I always forget the exact way to do it, but there's also a trick for
      saving the notetab.ini file with a slightly different name (I think it
      was notetab!.ini/notepro!.ini, but I'm probably wrong); next time
      Notetab starts up, if it finds that file it will rename it to
      notetab.ini/notepro.ini replacing the old one.

      Anyway... first step is to replace the "CustomColors" line in the .ini
      file with this:


      That will give you the Solarized palette in the colour picker, which
      makes it far easier to experiment.

      I'm still experimenting with colour combinations for the highlights, so
      I don't have a ready-made colour profile to suggest.
      Anyway, I was looking into ways to use the Solarized palette with CSS. I
      quickly noticed that working with sixteen custom colours is going to be
      a bitch. The example CSS file, however, uses SCSS, which is a set of
      extensions to CSS syntax that, among other things, allow for
      used-defined constants, making the job far easier. (More details in
      http://sass-lang.com/ )

      The problem is that the SCSS compiler needs Ruby installed. That's a bit
      of overkill for me, and I don't need the full SCSS feature set anyway --
      just the ability to work with user-defined constants. I started writing
      a clip to do the necessary search & replace automatically, but then it
      occurred to me that such a think might be already available somewhere.

      So... does anyone know of a clip (even a very incomplete, limited one)
      to convert between SCSS and CSS?


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