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23007Aw: Re: [NTB] Unintended change of options

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  • bruce.somers
    Mar 8, 2013
      Thanks Alec and John. It's indeed possible that I had inadvertantly hit F6.

      But now, things have taken an unexpected turn! That list is actually visible to the right of the scrollbar, but only the first letter of each entry. I tried closing and reinvoking NoteTab, with no change!


           Von: "Alec Burgess" <buralex@...>

      Hi Bruce - F6 toggles the Quick List (its in the keyboard shortcuts but
      if the title Quick List doesn't ring a bell I can see it would be hard
      to figure out what it was.

      Also - look up Quick List in Help-Index and from menu Tools-Quick List
      to trigger if you forget the shortcut.
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