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  • Eb
    Jan 30, 2013
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      Though this is not the clips group, I'll give you a few pointers.

      First, to access any library, I use the clipbook, rather than the libraries bar. To open the clipbook, press F4 (if a side pane in NoteTab disappears, press F4 again. The pane that opens and closes is the clipbook.

      At the top of the clipbook is the name of the current library, below it is a list of clips contained therein. You run a clip by double-clicking it.

      Rather than trying to explain the painfully complicated way library locations are managed (in Windows XP through Windows 8), here is a tip to install a new library into the correct folder without having to worry about the location:

      1. open the current library as a document (right-click on the library name at the top of the clipbook and chose 'Open as Document'.

      2. IMPORTANT, to keep from accidentally destroying this old libr, SAVE it AS a different name (edit only the name of the library, NOT the path, if any.

      3. replace this library content with the new library content.

      BEFORE you do that, use this opportunity to study the makeup of the two libraries. Open your new lib as a doc as well, and compare the two libs to each other.

      Simplest way to replace the old content with the new is
      1. select all in the old, and delete it (cursor in the old file: CTRL+A CTRL+X)
      2. select all in the new, copy, and paste it to the empty old
      a. cursor in the new lib: CTRL+A CTRL+C
      b. cursor in the old lib: CTRL+V
      2. SAVE the old lib with the new name.



      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "David" wrote:
      > My first attempt at using .clb files.
      > Problem: I have installed NoteTabLite and have a "GEDUtils.clb" file that I want to run.
      > 1) How do I get this .clb file into the Clip Library.
      > 2) Once it is installed how do I get the new clip library file to run.
      > All I am getting so far are error messages saying the program cannot read the .clb file.
      > Thanks,
      > David
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