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22991Re: [NTB] Tidy up html code

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Jan 24, 2013
      Interviewed by CNN on 24/01/2013 13:21, scouterines told the world:
      > Is there any way that I can use the "tidy up html" for all files that are open at once?
      Not directly, since that is not an internal Notetab feature, but an
      externally-called third-party program. It's possible to write a clip to
      do what you want, but I never bothered to do so.

      And, generally speaking, I don't think it's a good idea blindly running
      Tidy on lots of files at once. The reason being that Tidy does more than
      fix up formatting: it attempts to "correct" syntax errors in HTML. But
      some kinds of errors are not well-suited to automatically fixes. For
      instance, if you forget closing a <b> tag, Tidy will "fix" it by
      inserting <b> and </b> tags in every paragraph from that point to either
      the next </b> tag or the end of file.

      I find Tidy much more useful as an error *finder* than an error *fixer*.
      I run it, look at the error log, reload the pre-Tidy version of the
      file, find the trouble spots, fix them. Rinse and repeat.

      And, by the way... there are several versions of Tidy around. The
      original one by Dave Raggett is pretty long in the tooth, but other
      people have updated and improved on it. A compiled, ready to use copy of
      one of the latest versions (dated 2009) can be found here:


      Like the original, though, it's completely unaware of HTML5 -- I think
      the most recent standard it supports is XHTML 1.0.

      There's also a separate project, intended to overhaul Tidy for HTML5.
      The project page is here:


      but they don't offer ready-to-run binaries. A guy called Martin Broerse
      made a Windows build available last April, but last time I linked that
      page here people complained that some antivirus tagged the page as
      "suspicious." Personally, I didn't have a problem with the program, and
      Google Safe Browsing no longer has a problem with the site. Apparently
      it was hacked by a malicious script sometime in the past, and it has
      been fixed since.

      Anyway, the page is here:



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