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22979Re: [NTB] Auto correction in NoteTab Pro 7.1

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  • loro
    Jan 3, 2013
      Daniel Prince wrote:
      >Many years ago I set up NoteTab 4.95 Standard so that if I typed a
      >lower case "I" followed by a space or return etc. it would
      >automatically change it to an upper case "I". (I think that sometimes
      >I do not hold down the shift key long enough.)
      >I do not remember how I did it. I have looked at the help file and I
      >have not yet figured it out. Can anyone help? Thank you in
      >advance for all replies.

      Search the Help file (not Clip Help, ordinary Help) for Auto-replace Mode.

      As it says there, you can turn auto-replace on for any library from
      the menu. What it doesn't say is that you can create your own
      auto-replace library, like the sample ones mentioned, which won't
      need to be "turned on" from the menu. Open one of the sample
      libraries as a document and copy the first line. Open your own
      library the same way and replace the header with the one you just
      copied and save. That's it. Every clip you add to that library will
      now be an auto-replace clip. Trick is to think of short and easy to
      remember names for the clips...

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