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22957Re: [NTB] Basic Clip "Move cursor position" question

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  • Robert Bull
    Nov 25, 2012
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      Friday, November 23, 2012, 1:00:35 AM, Alec Burgess wrote:

      >>> For: Shift+DOWN (extend selection by one line) I think ^!Select
      >>> nnn and ^!Select +/-nnn specifically ^!Select +1 will do what you

      >> I don't think so. The help file is pretty specific about ^!Select
      >> +nnn enlarging the selection by nnn CHARACTERS, not lines.

      AB> *You are absolutely correct about this*. I read the help about
      AB> ^!select where nnn without sign defines number of lines but didn't
      AB> read carefully enough. Perhaps something could be done with a
      AB> combination of ^!SelectTo row:col and ^$getrow$ and a calc to
      AB> increment but unless I was running into problems with my clip
      AB> appearing to randomly fail I'd probably just go with ^!Keyboard
      AB> DOWN too :-)

      I was using ^!Keyboard CTRL+HOME in certain clips, then discovered the
      JUMP command, ^!Jump DOC_START that does exactly the same thing. Does
      it achieve the same end by different means? It's detailed under the
      (dense) Help page "Select, Copy, and Insert Text" The full paragraph

      ^!Jump nnn or ^!Jump +/-nnn or

      Moves cursor to the indicated position. If the parameter is a number
      without a sign (+/-), the command will treat it as the line position
      from the start of the document. When a sign is used, the command will
      move the cursor a relative number of lines from the current position;
      a positive number moving it towards the end of the text and a negative
      number towards the start. If you don't specify a line number, you can
      use one of the following settings:
      LINE_START or LINE_END: places cursor at the beginning or end of the
      current line. This feature treats a line as if word wrap is turned
      SELECT_START or SELECT_END: places cursor at the beginning or end of
      the selection and unselects the text.
      TEXT_START or TEXT_END: moves to start or end of a plain document or
      the content of an Outline heading.
      DOC_START or DOC_END: moves to start or end of any kind of document.

      which offers another approach to ^!KeyBoard DOWN


      Robert Bull
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