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22956RE: [NTB] Basic Clip "Move cursor position" question

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  • John Shotsky
    Nov 22 5:16 PM
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      Yes, it is the balloon help for the toolbar buttons. I dug around and realize that I have only used one Menu command,
      all the rest are Toolbar commands. So, it doesn't apply to Menu commands, but it does apply to toolbar commands.

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      @John / @Marcello interspersed:
      On 2012-11-22 19:30, John Shotsky wrote:
      > The menu commands can be tricky. The command is not necessarily the words in the menu, but what is shown in the
      > help for that command. That got me a few times. It's very hard for me to remember to look at that first.
      @John - What is "balloon help for the command"? I'm not seeing this,
      unless you mean the text tooltips for Toolbar buttons. Can you give an
      example where this causes confusion?
      > From: Marcelo Bastos
      > Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2012 16:21
      > Interviewed by CNN on 22/11/2012 21:48, Alec Burgess told the world:
      >> Most of them can be replaced with ^!Menu {main
      >> entry}/{sub-entry}/sub-sub-entry (where entries containing blanks must
      >> be enclosed in quotes.
      > I suppose so. But then, I don't see what's the difference, conceptually,
      > in accessing a feature that's not native to the Clip language via
      > keyboard shortcut or via menus, in terms of reliability. I have vague
      > memories of attempting to use ^!Menu and giving up that approach as
      > unsatisfactory for some reason. I have to test it again to see if it's
      > any improvement. I must say that I never had problems using keyboard
      > shortcuts in clips...
      @Marcello: I don't know how often ^!Keyboard commands cause problems and
      require delays but then again I almost never use them. If memory serves
      they are most often required when trying to send commands to other
      programs where a loop checking to see if focus has been gained is
      sometimes recommended.

      I guess it depends on the speed and load on the computer when the clip
      is run.
      >> For: Shift+DOWN (extend selection by one line) I think ^!Select nnn
      >> and ^!Select +/-nnn specifically ^!Select +1 will do what you want.
      >> Also don't forget ^!Toolbar tooltip-text eg. ^!Toolbar "Split Lines"
      >> (not checked but assume it also requires quotes) (... later ... maybe
      >> not per the examples in Help for ^!Toolbar)
      > I don't think so. The help file is pretty specific about ^!Select +nnn
      > enlarging the selection by nnn CHARACTERS, not lines.
      *You are absolutely correct about this*. I read the help about ^!select
      where nnn without sign defines number of lines but didn't read carefully
      enough. Perhaps something could be done with a combination of ^!SelectTo
      row:col and ^$getrow$ and a calc to increment but unless I was running
      into problems with my clip appearing to randomly fail I'd probably just
      go with ^!Keyboard DOWN too :-)

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