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22954RE: [NTB] Basic Clip "Move cursor position" question

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  • John Shotsky
    Nov 22, 2012
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      The menu commands can be tricky. The command is not necessarily the words in the menu, but what is shown in the balloon
      help for that command. That got me a few times. It's very hard for me to remember to look at that first.

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      Interviewed by CNN on 22/11/2012 21:48, Alec Burgess told the world:
      > Most of them can be replaced with ^!Menu {main
      > entry}/{sub-entry}/sub-sub-entry (where entries containing blanks must
      > be enclosed in quotes.

      I suppose so. But then, I don't see what's the difference, conceptually,
      in accessing a feature that's not native to the Clip language via
      keyboard shortcut or via menus, in terms of reliability. I have vague
      memories of attempting to use ^!Menu and giving up that approach as
      unsatisfactory for some reason. I have to test it again to see if it's
      any improvement. I must say that I never had problems using keyboard
      shortcuts in clips...
      > For: Shift+DOWN (extend selection by one line) I think ^!Select nnn
      > and ^!Select +/-nnn specifically ^!Select +1 will do what you want.
      > Also don't forget ^!Toolbar tooltip-text eg. ^!Toolbar "Split Lines"
      > (not checked but assume it also requires quotes) (... later ... maybe
      > not per the examples in Help for ^!Toolbar)
      I don't think so. The help file is pretty specific about ^!Select +nnn
      enlarging the selection by nnn CHARACTERS, not lines.


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