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22951Re: [NTB] Basic Clip "Move cursor position" question

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Nov 22, 2012
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      Interviewed by CNN on 22/11/2012 19:30, Robert Bull told the world:
      > Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 11:25:07 PM, you wrote:
      > D> ^!MoveCursor +4
      > I consider it a failure in NTP's Help that searching for
      > "^!MoveCursor" gives "No topics found." It might not be a topic in
      > itself, but it's included in the "Select, Copy, and Insert Text" topic
      > under "Clip Programming." It would be helpful if NTP's search were
      > more effective.

      After checking, I have to admit that I have taken the lazy way out and
      used ^!Keyboard a number of times in my clips, for these keypresses:

      Shift+Ctrl+J (Join lines)
      SHIFT+CTRL+k (capitalize words)
      UP (move one line up)
      CTRL+N (new document)
      CTRL+X (cut)
      CTRL+V (paste)
      Shift+DOWN (extend selection by one line)

      A quick check through the help file suggests at least some of them
      (Ctrl+N, Ctrl+V, could be replaced by native Clip commands with a bit of
      tweaking. But I didn't find anything equivalent to Shift+Ctrl+J,
      SHIFT+CTRL+k, UP or Shift+Down. (I didn't find the specific command to
      replace Ctrl+X or DELETE, but I believe there must be one, it's just a
      matter of finding its syntax...)


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