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22948Basic Clip "Move cursor position" question

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  • robanderson139
    Nov 20, 2012
      Sorry for the rank newbie question...

      I'm trying to create a clip that "finds next" on a string of text, and then, when it finds it, moves the cursor to the right a set number of spaces

      (as if the user took off the highlighting on the found text, and then used the right arrow key to move over, without disturbing the text -- just repositioning the cursor after finding the text).

      I've got it finding and highlight the text using:

      ^!Find "CCCCCCCCCC"

      and I suspect I need to use this command on the second line?


      So, something like:

      ^!Find "CCCCCCCC"
      ^!Keyboard [something goes here]

      If there's a specific place I can go to look up keyboard movements like this, a pointer would also be appreciated...


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