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22921Re: Removing line numbers

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  • mycroftj
    Oct 10, 2012
      I suppose there is no remove number command since it is so easy to create one whereas it's a little harder to number the lines.

      If you want to do it manually (unnumber the lines you numbered with NT) do a Find and Replace with regular expressions option ON and
      FIND ^\x20*\d*\.\x20 and REPLACE with nothing

      If you know how to create clips (NoteTab macros) this one line will do.
      ^!Replace "^\x20*\d*\^?[What follows the line numbers, ., :, etc.=. ]" >> "" SAWR


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Daniel Prince <neutrino1200@...> wrote:
      > Notetab 7.1 has a function to add line numbers. (Modify, Lines,
      > Number Lines) Does it have a function to remove line numbers? I
      > think it should but I cannot find one.
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