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22897Re: [NTB] Keeping Clipbars in separate libraries

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  • Art Kocsis
    Oct 2 2:28 PM
      At 10/2/2012 10:48 AM, Joy wrote:
      >Thanks for all your time, Art. TMI for most, but some care and understand
      >the fine details and find the info useful. I'm sure many pick up all sorts
      >of useful bits and pieces from many of these Q and A's. I know I have.
      >FWIW, I *HIGHLY* recommend all serious users look through the help files
      >from time to time. There are so many shortcuts, functions and features
      >that it's difficult to remember them all.
      >I wish more technical info like what you provided was available in them.
      >Or did I miss that section? :)

      For the most part, no. Sometimes there is a tidbit buried in an obscure
      location but most of what I wrote is from teeth-pulling experimentation.
      The help files have a lot of info but it is not all easily accessible and
      needs so much more. Other than the additions for new features over the
      years, the NTB help files are identical - word for word, comma for comma -
      since version 4, over a dozen years ago. Documentation is not very high on
      Eric's priority list.

      The help files are primarily a clip code reference. There is a huge need
      for a clip code guide. Each new user has to go through the same painful
      learning process without much benefit of those who have gone before. A lot
      of info has been posted on these forums but it is hard to find. I have
      advocated for a crowd sourced wiki where our contributions could be
      collected, organized and be accessible with a good search engine but it
      hasn't received much traction.

      Namaste', Art
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